Northern Exposure

25 05 2010

Relations with North Korea are beginning to boil, once again.  As broadcasted, trade has been restricted, border controls tightened, and as of today South Korea has positioned loudspeakers along the border projecting propaganda into the North.  It is interesting how many perceptions and predictions arise from such a dilemma.  I haven’t heard a word on the issue from any of my Korean acquaintances.  In fact, when I ask for their thoughts they seem completely clueless to any quasi-recent developments on the matter. On the contrary, my American friend suggested registration with the US Department of State just in case shit hit the fan, and my journalist European friend believes it is just another  story in the newspapers.  From complete oblivion, to mild paranoia, to incredulity.   While each of these assumptions have some credibility in theory, I believe what can most safely be taken from these hypotheses is that in all honesty, we don’t know.    As frustrating as it is there is not much that can be done to wipe the fog from this window; no one knows what the future holds for this troubled peninsula except the king of madness, instability, and little-man syndrome himself, whom I would venture to guess is as unsure on this one as we are.

I feel obliged to note that my thoughts on the matter have little bearing in historical competence; obviously.  History was never my forte.  All I know is I took my American friend’s advice and took the few minutes to register with the US Department of State, because what I do know, is all you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.