Road trip!

14 05 2010

So I have been itching to do something a little different this weekend.  I am once again in a new place where I have not yet exhausted all the potential destinations for mini weekend road trips – my favorite thing!  I figured I better get on it quick, since summer runs out in the blink of an eye and I know I will lack the will and motivation to do it during the awful, bloodsucking winter.  I did some research and decided to head to Suncheon-si; a little town about 3 hours away by bus.  What drew me to Suncheon was initially Seonam-sa Temple, which is apparently one of the most famous and beautiful Buddhist Temples in South Korea.  The internet tells me it is nestled back into the mountains and surrounded by hiking trails and rivers; sounds like the perfect place for a little soul-searching.  I also came across a place called Naganeupseong Folk Village.  This old village apparently has a castle of some sort, which is surrounded by indigenous dwellings complete with thatched roofs where people still currently reside.  I am very excited to see this place… promise to take lots of pictures!

I was planning to head out alone tomorrow morning for a relaxing weekend to myself, but after a chat with a friend I was persuaded to invite him along.  Overall I am pleased with my decision since he has a motorbike that we can ride through the countryside to get to Suncheon.  Sounds like a winner to me!