When it rains, it pours…

18 05 2010

…and I mean that literally.  The mighty gods of precipitation have not been holding back today.  I was awakened this morning at 8:30 by the dull thud of rain pelting against my window.  When I headed out to school at 1:30 PM, still pouring rain.  Walking home for the evening at 8:30 PM, yep, still pouring rain!  A solid 12 hours, at least.  I had heard that Korea has a monsoon season although wasn’t quite sure what that meant.  I must admit it was kind of nice; the dreary weather seemed to suck the lifeforce right out of the kids leaving a very even toned, monotonous day in its wake.  Although this can be a welcome change once in a while, the novelty wears off quickly.  I am bracing myself for another rainy season and am unnerved by the memory of my winter in Portland.  At least this time around I have a job and am not in the midst of one of the most horribly depressing times of my life.  Which I couldn’t be more thankful for overseas, considering Comedy Central won’t let me re-watch every damn episode of South Park ever made unless my laptop is sitting on a coffee table in America.

On an unrelated note: my co-workers think it is the most bizarre thing on the planet that I eat raw carrots for a snack.  Carrots are for cooking, not for snacking!  Silly me….