Pepero Day

11 11 2010

Today is Pepero Day.  Each November 11th, Korea becomes a maniacal frenzy of the purchase and trade of chocolate covered biscuit sticks   – Pepero – which are manufactured, heavily marketed and distributed by one of the largest conglomerates in both Korea and Japan: the Lotte Corporation.

Why is November 11th Pepero Day in Korea, you ask?  Well, because when you hold up two Pepero sticks they resemble the number “11”, and what better way to celebrate 11/11 than clearing out every mini-mart, supermarket, and Costco of these delicious treats.  Not only are simple boxes of Pepero available, there is a wide variety of cellophane-wrapped, glittered and bowtied gift baskets lining shelves for that extra special someone in your life.

Lotte – well done.  I thought Valentine’s Day and Christmas had consumer exploitative marketing tactics in the bag, but I realize now there is always room for more, beckoning us into even further absurdity.

When I was informed of this strange ‘holiday’ yesterday by excited students, I promised myself that I would absolutely NOT partake in this ridiculous affair; I will boycott any and all purchase of Lotte snack products for the entire day!

And in vain.  I left work today with 13 boxes of Pepero with “I love you Teacher” scribbled on the boxes.  Awwwww…. I LOVE Pepero Day!!