Goodbye 2010

2 01 2011

On this day exactly one year ago I scribbled down my Personal Goal for 2010.  I refuse to call it a “New Years Resolution” since that sounds more to me like a wish for some genie in a lamp.  It also has proven just as effective.  I will lose 20 pounds.  I will work out every single day.  I will stop eating sugar and/or carbs.  I will hang up my clothes instead of flinging them all over my room.  Yeah right.

So I have changed the terminology and the nature of the resolution, and these minor tweaks in the system must have worked because it is the first year I feel I actually achieved my goal.  The funny thing is, today was the first time I looked back at the goal since I wrote it.  I spent no time obsessing or feeling guilty and angry at myself if ever a slip-up.  It was internalized.

In a nutshell, the goal was to trust myself.  To waste no more time in in self-doubt and stop finding excuses for things I know I really want.  There are always a million reasons NOT to do something, and if you can’t trust yourself, who can you?

2010 was an amazing year.  Emotionally taxing at times, chock full of up’s and down’s, enough “Hello’s” and “Goodbye’s” to last a lifetime, and an overall crash course in Self-Realization 101.  I have just put down my Personal Goal for 2011, and will again internalize it and drop it from the front of my memory.

I wish nothing but peace, love, and happiness for everyone in 2011, and from Korea: “Always be healthy for the new year!”




One response

8 01 2011
Louise Weyen

And back to you, Brittany. Peace, love and happiness and for Grandpa and me, most of all good health. Thanks for all your messages this year . We’ve really enjoyed them. I hear from your Dad that your plans include now going to China and the Phillippines. Exciting! Be safe and have a wonderful few months finishing up this great adventure. Love you and we’re looking forward to seeing you sometime when you get back here. G’ma

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