Korean Pajong

10 10 2010

Octopus pajong and mek-ju at a plastic picnic table in the mountains. Mmmmm...

Who knew pancake batter could be so versatile?  Pajong, which Koreans like to call “Korean pizza” is a popular snack or appetizer throughout the country.  It is basically pancake-like batter and egg with a medley of ingredients mixed in depending somewhat on the area of the country you are in.  For example, if near a port there will likely be octopus tenacles, squid, or other unknown sea creatures.  Other places are famous for kimchi pajong, others for special spices and sauces, and so on.  You will never eat the same pajong twice in two different places.  It is sold in restaurants, at street carts and tents, and at festivals, like the ones being concocted at the Jinju Lantern Fest in this video: –Click Me–




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