For lack of a better word..or any words, for that matter.

7 10 2010

I am a little worried that one of these days I will get a knock at my door to deliver notice of fine for all the banana peels I throw out my 8th story window.  The thing is, I wouldn’t know it if I were holding it in my hands anyway, so I continue to throw them out to avoid the evil little fruit fly infestation around my college dorm room style trash can.    I received an unintelligible notice about a month back, which after staring at quizzically and in slight frustration for a good while, decided to snap a camera phone picture of and send to a Korean friend.  My hope in this was to dodge bringing the mystery notice to work for translation in fear it may be in respect to my garage can window (only biodegradables, of course) or constant stream of houseguests.  Or possibly it may be regarding my failure to respond to the 1984-style announcements that blare through the speaker in my kitchen every so often, never failing to coincide in perfect inconvenience with my sleep schedule.  Either way, I would like to keep my work oblivious to any of these if at all possible.  My friend promptly responded via text message that I should consider paying my utility bills to avoid such future notices.  (Which is my boss’ responsibility, FYI, just to clear my name…)

In other news, my toilet has been broken for about a month now, and my fix for this is to lift the lid and pull up the little black plunger at the bottom when the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” rule has worn out its welcome.  I am not quite sure how to turn on the floor heater, which might be a handy thing to know real soon considering the evenings are already becoming quite nippy.  I am also pretty sure I am misusing the trash and recycling system as well, but haven’t been scolded yet so I continue on my merry way.

Ahhh… makes me feel young again!




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