Quarter-year Anniversary

23 07 2010

Some things I have learned in the past 3 months…

1.  You can’t always be self-reliant.

This one remains a constant struggle for me.  I am very independent and insanely stubborn (I said it..), so it is difficult to admit that I can’t do everything on my own here.  An intense language and cultural barrier stands firm in the way of things that could be easily solved at home.  This includes simple, day to day tasks, including (but not limited to):

– Calling Water, Inc. to switch back on the water to my apartment after 2 days of wondering whether I will get to shower or flush the toilet today.

– Heading down to a hardware store for a spare key when one gets lost.  (As the key gods have and always will thoroughly despised me..)

– Arguing my way out of a full legged hard-cast for a measly broken toe during summer vacation.

Yet this also includes deeper, more frustrating social and relationship issues, like understanding things said to you through a skewed grapevine of translation, perception, body language, and your mind ultimately believing whatever the hell it wants to through it all anyway.  A sense of humor and the keen ability to not take yourself too seriously is crucial here.

2.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

There is no better form of judgment than your own.  Don’t rely solely on information relayed by any source other than your first-hand senses to tell you anything about the world.  Take ideas, information, and advice anywhere you can get it, but be careful not to construct solid opinions without seeing for yourself.  Which brings me to my next point…

3.  Objectivity isn’t always as easy as it seems…

It is easy to construct ideas based on things you know, things you grew up knowing, and things everyone you know, knows.  What isn’t easy is accepting something without judgment that is completely foreign to your common sense, mindset, and seemingly innate ideas.  Silencing this naive habit from even private mind is something I continue to work on..

4.  And my final reflection (just had to throw this one in here..):  “Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”

My mom had this quote up on the refrigerator while I was growing up, and I never really took it seriously until recently.  Nothing could be more true.  Give up the “but this, but that” mentality and do what you want to do.  Life is what you make it.




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