Ode to the Rooftops

15 07 2010

I write this post in appreciation for the little individual freedoms that still exist in Korea long after they have ceased in so many other countries thanks to those few idiots who go and blow it for everyone.  Possibly one of my favorite among these is the insanely easy access to nearly any roof of any building in the country.  I have indeed taken advantage of this perk and am no stranger to rooftop shenanigans, but I must say we discovered a real winner last night.  While escorting some traveling Hungarians about town, our eventual boredom of the ocean view from the sand led us to head out in search of a better place to enjoy our soju.  By this time it was rounding 2AM, businesses were closed and the flicker of neon lights was beginning to diminish from the water’s reflection.  There are twin towers to the east of the beach – the tallest buildings on the skyline.  We made the short stumble to the front doors from the street, and to my partial amazement the front doors were unlocked.  Too easy!  Up the elevator 20-something floors, through a few corridors and unfinished rooms, out another door and up a few ladders, we were taken by the most stunning view I have seen in Korea.  We were up high.. VERY high.  Convenience store drinks, a stunning view, and good company.  As they say in Hungary, Egeszsegedre!




One response

15 07 2010

NO WAY!!!! You are living THE life. Seriously… it sounds like you are having so much fun!!

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