This is me, procrastinating.

6 07 2010

I only have a few measly words left to hammer out for this paper I need to get done, but since it is something attached to the dreaded deadline, it has become something I ‘need’ to get done and therefore spend more mental energy convincing myself to do than simply doing.  Blast!  The best thing about deadlines is there is always that last minute; it is always there for me, waiting patiently until I finally catch up before delivering that necessary swift kick in the ass over the finish line.

Wait for it… waaaait for it……

Today was long considering I had to be in a few hours early to squeeze in my few extra minutes of kindergarten classes, but still not “long” by comparison to the average American (or any other country in the real world) workday.   If there were a career to be made from juicing the lazy fruit and still getting pretty much everything I want from life, I could probably retire early in my great success ( far.. don’t jinx it!).  Although, if you don’t mind, I prefer the term “ingenuity”.  [Puh-tey-toh, Puh-tah-toe].

On a more “grab the bull by the horns” note, I got to play superhero again for my 2 favorite students, Jake and Elliot by trapping a giant fly (eeeeeek!!) in the blinds and saving the day.  “Aaahahahahahaha!!!  Korean girl scream at bug, but Teacher!” – (..succession of vocal and animated ‘capturing bug in the blinds’ gestures..).  I get such a kick out of stuff like that!




One response

12 07 2010
amber b

haha. I can just imagine you doing that! ah the things children will love us for…..

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