Coppee, ju-say-yo

1 07 2010

This photo doesn't really have anything to do with this post, although it is VERY Korean, just like this coffee shop. I am also pretty sure this man does ads for nearly every Western brand of everything out here..

There’s a reason Westerners in Korea stick with Western style coffee shops if there is “coffee shop business” to be done. I am over 2 months Korean now and have yet to come upon a Korean coffee (or coppee) shop at an opportune time; there are plenty in the area and I have made many mental notes to “check that one out”, and am finally putting that archive to use.

The window of Viola Coffee Shop from the street suggested good people watching, coffee, and maybe, just maybe, some internet at a public place that isn’t a Starbucks. Koreans all think Starbucks is cool enough without actual real-life Westerners reinforcing that speculation.  So to back up that ever so subtle anti-corporation innuendo, here I am supporting the little guy, and at the same time feeling rather nostalgic of college with my crappy diner-style instant coffee, hopeless yet repeated attempts at stealing wireless from surrounding businesses, and the desperate resort to Microsoft Word. Ahh, the good ‘ol days. Except in college I didn’t have a full window view of neon glimmer and a street bustling with Asians… I’ll take it I guess.




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