A passing thought

8 06 2010

Feelings have an annoying habit of coming and going and resisting our attempts to control or reproduce them. Being is much more immediate than that—it’s the pause between thoughts, the space in which everything comes and goes, the stillness underlying all activity, the awareness that’s looking out through our eyes right now. Immediate though it may be, it nevertheless eludes our efforts to “make it happen” or grasp it conceptually—and it’s so subtle and empty of content that the mind may overlook it.”        –Stephan Bodian

I took this quote from an article I just read because I feel it demonstrates a consistent relevancy in my life;  I will go out on a limb and assume there are others out there like me who harbor the tendency of taking the present for granted, letting time slip by in nonchalance, and worse yet, willing it away in anticipation of times ahead.   I could follow my train of thought like a carrot on a stick, or I could spare myself the time and you the confusion and get to the simple point that needed no introduction in the first place…  Point being I thought this was a beautiful quote and wanted to pass it along, as I think we can all benefit from its reminder from time to time.




One response

8 06 2010

I consciously take time through the day to stop, pick up a kitty, and bury my face in its fur. When I walk by an iris I cup it gently in my hands and breathe in its scent — it takes me back to my childhood when I did the same thing. At the beach, I run my hands through the sand and just feel the texture.

Living in the moment is difficult when so much of today’s life demand that you plan for the future and all its contingencies. You are wise to recognize the need to connect to this exact moment, breathe that breath, and empty the mind of all its demands for planning and organization.

Lovley quote.

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