Muscle memory and chauvinism on a Saturday afternoon.

6 06 2010

“Even if she is a killer, she’s still a woman.  She’ll come around.”

Quote of the weekend from the Korean horror film, BlackHouse.  This film was intended to be background noise to naps in the DVD bang after a day of open air market in Nampo-dong, patio beer at the touristy of tourist restaurants, and my first sannakji experience.  Sannakji – freshly severed, still wiggling octopus tentacles with raw potential to murder us more brutally than the woman in the film.

This entire experience was terrifying, yet sickeningly thrilling at the same time.  The poor little octopus was swimming circles in its shallow deathbed upon our arrival in search of a thrill.  To her apparent apprehension, our hesitant request for this Korean delicacy prompted the ajumma (middle aged, working woman) to hand pluck the poor fellow from the bucket and take him behind the counter.  Within seconds, a plastic plate literally crawling with our late friend’s severed tentacles doused in red sauce and garnish was presented alongside dipping sauce and soju.  (Visual Evidence..)

Tip: Make absolutely certain you chew each bite thoroughly; the tentacles still have their suction capabilities at this point, and a few people have actually met their death while enjoying this snack.

They say octopus’ are very smart creatures; strolling through fish markets you begin to notice that each shallow octopus tank has its own octopus babysitter continually blocking escape attempts, shoving the poor bastard back into the water each time its arms drape over the side to try to make a run for it.  Pretty morbid.  Ingesting wiggling, severed octopus appendages now has a big, red checkmark next to it on my official Korean To-do List.




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