RIP, Sensual Panda

3 06 2010

I couldn’t think of anything worthy of writing this evening, until a slightly funny/very random occurrence just directed me back to an old joke-blog I started a while back about the life of a sensual panda bear, which, needless to say, only lasted for 2 posts.  A panda bear can only be so sensual, I guess.  The following is a quote from a… dare I say, ditzy?… friend of mine and the inspiration of that short-lived blog.  It would crack me up every time I heard/read it back then, and it hasn’t ceased to even today.

“The only way buster the wiener dog could have mated with this dog is if she laid on the ground; but for dogs that’s a big no-no, that stuff’s done on their feet. At least in my experience anyway.”

So there you have it.  Thank you and goodnight!




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18 06 2010


22 06 2010
Tom Scholes

hehehe, I run into that from time to time 🙂

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