23 05 2010

The simple pleasures make life worth living.  Like killing hours in the grass outside E Mart by way of idiosyncrasy-induced drinking games.  Like gaining perspective from locals on the roof of a coffee shop.  Like tacos and tequila.  The Makali Man.  CCR and Jason Mraz covers songs.  Like way too many people in a love motel.  Long bus rides through the countryside with views so stunning, how the hell can you be staring down at a book or iPhone?  Like the echo of “June-bi!  Ha-na, Dool, Ha-na, Dool..” off the rock walls lining the river.  Like savory Korean BBQ in the rain at a pension with friends over beer, soju, and Presidents and Assholes.  Like the Myeongdong city guide granting salvation to our grumbling stomachs with a map to the nearest Indian food joint.  Like girl talk, guy talk, and small talk.  Life is great, and so is Seoul; excited to go back again soon.




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