Goldfish sponges

19 05 2010

I never had much interaction (at all) with children prior to my acceptance of a job requiring constant interaction and dedication to molding their sub-developed little brains for 7 straight hours a day.  Seems reasonable… (ahem!).  But in Korea, the fact that my birth certificate was printed in America and that the preceding years of my life left me with a Bachelor’s degree in hand, I am somehow qualified to do so.   I can only imagine the incredulity of those close to me upon my declaration that I was headed overseas to teach little children in primary school.  I have preached tirelessly the fact that i will never, repeat, NEVER have children of my own, although never quite penetrating barriers of skepticism.

Against all odds, overall, I think I am doing swimmingly!  Everyday is a surprise, to say the least.  I will waltz into work one day with high spirits, in disbelief that I actually get paid to do this, only to walk out of my first class ready to drop dead from exhaustion and frustration.  Other days are just the opposite, and I can’t remember how I could ever be upset with these little angels.  My dad always used to say “Now I know why tigers eat their young”; …so do I.  The reason tigers eat their young is exactly why evolution made children so adorable.  Something about cute, miniature humans makes you just fall in love and somehow forget about all the time they spend making you want to rip your hair out.  There must have been some force of intelligent design at work here, in one sense or another…

So I have decided that kids are like goldfish sponges.  They have the amazing ability to soak up audible information like a sponge, even when you are certain they are paying absolutely NO attention.  At the same time, they have the memory span of a goldfish; their temper tantrum could easily trigger a spontaneous combustion one moment, and 3 seconds later they will be happy as a clam.  Must admit I am slightly envious of this capability…

I still maintain I will never have a goldfish sponge of my own, but I am starting to really like the little buggers.




4 responses

19 05 2010

okay seriously laughed when i read this post. just imagine THESE goldfish arent your own…but if they were- how much more you would be in love, and equally frustrated at the craziness of parenting. Im still not giving up that you wont have one of your own someday haha!!

19 05 2010

oh- weird- this is logging me in as a different user- its amber btw.

20 05 2010
Rick Weyen

Well, I’m proud you at least remember ONE thing I used to tell you — even if it was lifted from Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack!

20 05 2010
Brittany Elyse

Hahaha, Ahh don’t be too hard on yourself, I remember AT LEAST one, maybe two other things as well… 🙂

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