I am so predictable.

9 05 2010

Music has always had a power to provide a sense of solace in me when nothing else can – a discovery I made when I was much younger and have been nurturing ever since.  Last night I was introduced to Monk: a small, divey venue in the PNU district and immediately fell in love!  Something tells me I’ll be spending a lot of time in this smokey, underground Brittany-haven.  The only noticable difference between this show and the ones I frequent back home (aside from the obvious that the band members are all Korean instead of tall, skinny white guys) is the lacking presence of sleeve tattoos.  Side note: the only tattoos you will find in Korea are those accidentially slipping out from under a foreigner’s t-shirt sleeve; Koreans just don’t do it.  Other than differences of the skin it was bizarre how everything else felt exactly the same and I could have walked outside after the show to just another street in downtown, USA.  What I find more bizarre though, is the fact that I really find something like this bizarre.  It’s funny how we humans have such difficulty imagining a life outside our own; it’s almost like nothing else really exists outside of our own spheres of existence.  We know it does, of course, but I keep catching myself in suprise at people liking/doing the same things that we do 8,000 miles away.  I find it interesting that as distance grows, empathy seems to dissolve.  I don’t mean to make assumptions about the population as a whole because some people don’t feel this at all, I’m sure, but it is obvious to me that this is a real human condition. 

And there you have my existential babble for the day.

Well I am off to Nompo-dong to chase away the Sunday blues and hopefully watch my friend eat live octopus.




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