26 04 2010

I initially began this post with an attempted unbiased summary of what I have noticed so far of the Korean way of life  in terms of family and such, but mid-rant I spoke with a friend of mine from Europe and he sort of put me in my place about Americans tending to think their way of life is superior to that of others.  Although I would have to disagree with him in that it is “mostly Americans” who “tend” to do this, it did help me to realize that is exactly what I was doing.  So I’ll start over.  Koreans seem to have extremely close-knit families and everyone seems very happy for the most part.  I have not yet met anyone who has been divorced and despite going to school literally ALL day and night, the kids still act like kids.  Gender roles have not changed much since the time of the war, yet there is no visible disgruntlement by this.  Veeeery interesting.  Although, I do think times are changing a bit here with the younger generations; time will tell, I guess.

One thing I found hilarious this weekend was when me, Sue (the mother), and the 2 boys were home while Dad was out, and we decided to watch a DVD.  So we turned on the flatscreen TV and all 3 boxes that are now required in the world to watch a movie, and spent about 10-15 minutes trying to find all 5 remotes for each device and decide which button turns the thing on!  Sound familiar?  🙂




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27 04 2010

I bet Sue would love a copy of that great picture. Nice perspective, down the path. Very sweet.

27 04 2010
amber b

I love it! Im so excited for you! Sounds like you have gotten lucky with the school director- what a nice family.

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