FINALLY made it!

24 04 2010

It’s hard to believe I am sitting here literally half-way across the world with the sun shining through my bedroom window.  If I wanted to get any further from home I would need to go to the moon!

My first day here couldn’t have been better; the director of my school, his wife, and their 2 adorable little boys (ages 9 and 12) picked me up from the airport with a little sign reading “Welcome Brittany” in colorful letters.  First things first – a quick tour of the city by way of a treacherous drive around town.  And I mean treacherous; the roads are crazy crowded and people drive more aggressively than in LA, all the while the wife (who was driving our car) was dedicating most of her attention to me and the boys in the backseat, while still weaving through traffic like it ain’t no thing!  Anywho, after getting a little bit of a feel for the city, we made our way down to Gwangalli Beach (above) for some Korean food.  OH MY GOD. Sooooo delicious.  Let it be said, that I have left my ‘no red meat’ rule back in the states; I will (try, at least) to eat anything they do.  Unless it’s alive; that’s where I draw the line.  (Regarding the picture below, the raw meat is cooked over hot charcoals on the grill right in the middle of your table.  This was only about a third of the table by the way, the rest of it was just as packed with food, then we got a second course of noodle seafood soup!)

My apartment won’t be ready until next weekend, so until then I will be staying with the director and his family.  I am extremely grateful for their hospitality, especially considering it is not common for Koreans to have houseguests, although I am anxious to be out on my own.  There is a language barrier between us and the little boys have been acting as translators.  Their English skills are very impressive, and I feel like a complete shmuck for not even being able to say “Thank You” correctly in their language!




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25 04 2010

Welcome to your new temporary home! You are so smart to be immersing yourself in the foods and customs and culture. The language will come, I’m sure. Thanks for keeping this blog so the rest of us can experience your adventures!

25 04 2010
judge weyen

Glad youl had a safe trip over. It is nice that the Korean family has taken you in until you get your room. I suspect you will find that the family bonds are very strong in Korea. Rick send us the link for us to communicate with you.

25 04 2010
louise weyen

Hi Brittany. It’s such fun to hear all this from you. what an experience! I’m really glad you have such a good family to get you started. You have a good command of the English language. Good luck in the new one for you! LUV and we’re thinking about you.

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